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Thai Asia Pacific Brewery. Nonthaburi.
Thai Asia Pacific Brewery (TAPB) was established in Thailand in 1993 and began operation in 1995.
Currently, TAPB employs over 300 people at its Bangkok offices and brewery in Nonthaburi.

TAPB began brewing and marketing Heineken in Thailand in 1995.
In 2004, it started brewing Tiger. In 2005, TAPB launched Cheers.
To cater to the diverse and discerning needs of the Thai consumers,
TAPB later added Tiger Crystal Light and Cheers X-Tra to its portfolio.

In August 2010, TAPB was appointed the authorized importer and distributor for Guinness and Kilkenny, two Irish premium brands brewed from Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Bières brassées à Nonthaburi par Thai Asia Pacific Brewery :
Amstel, Heinekein, Cheers, Tiger, Tiger Crystal light.

Amstel fut autrefois brassée, production arrêtée.
Keineken : 
Tiger - Alc. 5 % vol.
Brewed in Thailand since 2004.

En 2013, Tiger fait appel à des artistes pour illustrer ses boîtes.
A gauche artiste de Singapour (Madness) au centre artiste de Beijing (Ray)
& à droite Jackrit de Thaïlande. Voir :


Cheers, since 2005.

Cheers X-TRA 6,5 % & Cheers 5%. 500 ml.
Since 2014 490 ml. And with hop = 2015.
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